How to perform Wuduu

In order to perform one of the most sacred acts in our religion – salah – we have to perform an act before it; referred to as wuduu (ablution). Ablution by definition means “cleansing with water or other liquid, especially as a religious ritual”. In the following steps, we find out how it is done in Islam.

  1. The first step is to intend to pray (niyya) – to cleanse your heart of impurity

  2. Next, you say bismillah (between you and yourself – especially if you’re inside the washroom – as you shouldn’t say Alla’s swt name inside the bathroom)

  3. After you intend to make wuduu and you say bismillah, your wash your hands to your wrist – three times

  4. Next, you rinse your mouth with water three separate times – rinse then spit out.

  5. Afterwards, you wash the nose also three times. Cup your hand, fill it with water and very lightly breathe it in then wash the exterior of your nose.

  6. Next, you wash the entirety of your face three times as well. This includes your forehead, your cheeks up until your ears and your chin.

  7. Then you wash your hands and arms from the fingertips to the elbow – three times. It is crucial to remove anything that might get in the way of water rinsing your skin ( watches, jewelry, clothing material etc.)

  8. Next, you wipe your head with water once towards the back, and then again towards the front (if you’re male). If you’re a female, just once from the hairline to the nape of the neck – not along the length of the hair.

  9. Afterwards, you wipe your ears simultaneously. You put your index fingers in your ear and then wipe the exterior with your thumb.

  10. Finally, you wash your feet to the ankle three times each, making sure you also get in between your toes and the back of your ankle.

With that, we finish making wuduu, and are ready to start praying.